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Full print vinyls

There are situations when the contour cut vinyl is not the very best option for branding a vehicle. When the logo has too many colours, when we need to keep the colours of the logo but the car has the same colours so we need a contrasting outline  or  when we want to have full colour photos on the vehicle, we will use the full colour printed vinyl. 

With this technology we are able to print any image or multi colour logo in any size and then cut it in the needed shapes. 

The vinyl and the paint used in the process are especially designed for high UV resistance and guaranteed for years outside.

After we agree on the  design, our printers will print the graphics which will be contour cut afterwards and then, the surplus material will be removed. 

Our team will come to your parking, at a time of your choosing, to apply the stickers. The whole operation will be done in one day, according to the complexity.


  • highly visible
  • full print display
  • UV protection

Make the most of your advertising budget by turning your fleet into mobile billboards.