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Welcome to Oxigen Media – the place where it all begins !

Every company needs a set of internet  “must haves” , consisting in an integrated image on the web and presence on all the major platforms. We are here to help you getting the best out of the www !

Websites and social media in an easy way :

The first thing you will need will be a name for your company. After you have decided for a name, our expert team will start working for a logo. Once you have the logo we can start representing you on the web.

  • The first step will be the website , constructed with the most up to date technologies . A hosting domain and emails with your domain name will be provided  You will have the possibility to administer your website after it was created without having knowledge of html & php editing.
  • Next step will be representing you on the major social media platforms , like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and YouTube. Our team will work daily to keep you on top. We will post for you on all major social media in accordance to a scheduellle .
  • Once the website is done, and the social media accounts are established , we start the search engine optimization – the phase in which your company will begin being more and more visible on google and all the other main search engines .
  • Once our job is done, we can hand you the website to continue administering it in a visual way or we can take care of the updating / posting job for you.

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